Gruesome Videos of Recent London Stabbings. Viewer Discretion Advised

Footages have emerged from the recent knife stabbings in Camberwell, South London.

Some readers might find these videos most upsetting therefore viewer discretion is advised.

The victims were two of four children who were taken to hospitals in south London following the incident at Landor House, Camberwell yesterday.

All the boys are aged between 15 and 16 years old and six attackers of the same age have been taken into custody.

The wounded teens are seen being treated by paramedics and police on the tarmac, as they lie injured on the floor and stretchers.

One of the teenage boys – still in a series condition but now removed from the “critical” list – was heard by shocked witnesses screaming “help me” as his “intestines hanged out” after being stabbed.

He and three others were rushed to hospital after the scrap on last Thursday, which left blood covering the ground in Camberwell.

A youth has now been charged in connection with the incident.

The Camberwell stabbing on Thursday was one of many violent attacks in the neighbourhood in less than four months.

In July a 17-year-old girl was knifed to death in Brisbane Street, a five-minute walk from Landor House.

Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton was found with fatal gunshot wounds on Warham Street in May, while his friend Sidique Kamara was stabbed to death on the same street on 1 August.

Harriet Harman, Labour MP for Camberwell and Peckham, told BBC Radio London: “It’s absolutely dismaying that this has happened again.


In light of the recent south London knife stabbings and killings, I believe the government should take a more strict stand on gangs and gang memberships.
The recent stabbings in Camberwell including last Thursday’s carnage which saw  one of the gang members involved in the broad daylight knife-fight flee the scene with his intestines hanging out, and the killings of Sidique Kamara, Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, Latwaan Griffiths have all been linked directly to gang membership and gang rivalry.
Let us also not forget the sad death of Joel Urhie, the little who was killed in a fire in Deptford earlier this month. It later emerged that the real target of the arson attack was his older brother, samuel, an ex convict and gang member.
Since gang membership has been exposed and proved to be the driving factor behind the violence, drugs wars, stabbings and shootings on the streets of London, then I believe that they should be classed, seen, deemed and viewed as unacceptable, against the law and dangerous. In which case, I believe all gangs should be banned outright and membership attract serious punishment that is on the level of drugs or deadly weapon possession.
The government’s softly-softly, mamby-pamby punishment is not working.
Forget stop and search.
We have seen that they do not prevent knife stabbings with those intent on carrying them out – and imposing a section 60 for mandatory stopping and searching AFTER the occurrence of such high profile incidents, is purely shutting the barn gates after the horses have escaped.
Thursday’s carnage in Camberwell is a clear sign that gang members are simply not interested in their own lives or the lives of others, nor interested in staying on the path of safety or peace and I strongly believe this should be met with commensurate action.
Any knife wielding maniac who kills anyone should face a full mandatory life sentence without possibility of parole and with very hard labour.
The government, by giving a ridiculous 8 years prison sentence for murder, is unwittingly aiding and encouraging this demonic behaviour among gang members who could be out after a short sentence to continue with their lives like they’ve done nothing serious or return to wreck havoc with their former gang mates, some right in the vicinity of their crime and almost on the doorstep of their victim’s family.
Gang members are violent, tough, unfeeling, unflinching, hardened criminals and should be treated as such especially when they have made conscious decisions to join and to follow the ethos of the gang such as criminal behaviour, acts of violence, weapons carrying and randomly using them.
As long as we continue to treat dangerous gang membership and their activities as simple youthful misdemeanours, the serious problem of knife stabbings will unfortunately remain and more young men will continue to lose their lives.

Meet Gang Member Who Was Target Of Arson Attack Where 7 Year Old Brother Was Killed

This is the face of SAM ORHUE the gang member who is the suspected target of the fatal arson attack that claimed the life of his younger brother Joel in Deptford on Tuesday.
Sam, also known as Skeemz, had been jailed for four years and four months in February 2014 for two counts of supplying drugs and one of possession of criminal property.
And he survived an attempted stabbing at the house just weeks before the tragedy.

Police Suspect Gang Involvement In Deptford Arson Attack Which Killed 7 Year Old Schoolboy

THE grieving mum of a seven-year-old boy killed in a house fire confronted her devastated eldest son in hospital telling him “you have killed Joel”, a family member claimed today.

Schoolboy Joel Urhie, who dreamed of being a firefighter, was killed when his family’s Deptford home was consumed in a blaze in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Police are now treating the little boy’s death as murder – with it feared the arson attack was meant for his older brother Sam, 21.

Witnesses told how grief-stricken Sam was heard screaming: “It should have been me. Why not me to die?” as he travelled to the hospital after the blaze.

joel ur joel

And it today emerged that grieving mum Efe, also known as Sophie, who attends New Wine Church in Woolwich, confronted her son in emotional scenes in hospital barely 24 hours after the fire had claimed his little brother’s life.

A cousin of Joel’s dad John, who did not want to give her name, told The Sun Online: “The mum blamed him. She told him straight away in the hospital ‘you have killed Joel.  It’s thought Joel may have been the innocent victim of a gang who were attempting to target his  brother

They further claimed Sam had fallen in with a “bad crowd” before the fire – a potential motive behind the blaze.

They added: “His parents have been trying to get him back on the straight and narrow.

“She’s tried as much as a mum could try. She’s a great mum.

“He fell into the wrong crowd. (His dad) John was getting stressed out by it.”

A friend told how Sam was grief-stricken as he visited mum Sophie, 49, and sister Sarah, 18, in a hospital where they were recovering from non-life threatening injuries.

The family member also claimed parents John and Efe had been driven apart by Sam’s behaviour, adding: “Sam drove them apart, he wasn’t listening, he was getting involved in fights, they didn’t know where he was coming from or where he was going to.”

A neighbour, Mcklushia Myles, 36, a carpenter, said Ms Urhie’s other son Sam had got into trouble “once or twice” in the past over knife crime.

Another friend told The Sun: “This might be because of something Sam did. He was involved with the wrong people. He used to live there before he went to prison and was there for a bit afterwards when he came out.

Joel died trapped in his bedroom after a fire was deliberately started at his home.

His mum and sister escaped by leaping from a first-floor window.  Tributes have been left at the scene for the little schoolboy.


Police have today seized potentially crucial CCTV footage as they investigate whether the attack is linked to a gang dispute.

CID officers removed the box connected to the camera system from a flat on the other side of the road from Joel’s family home.

Family friend Grace Igbenedion, 56, said she visited Joel’s family in hospital on Tuesday, saying they were “doing well”.

She added she had spoken to Joel’s brother Sam to ask how he was feeling and he said he is “fine as much as possible”.

Asked about speculation that he could have been the target, she said: “It can’t be possible.”

Alex Hope, 29, who knew Joel’s brother Sam when they were growing up, said: “It’s just devastating. I would love to know what the actual reason is.

“No one deserves that and it’s just a shame the little one passed away in such tragic circumstances.”

A neighbour, who lives five doors down, told The Sun Online today the family was reeling from the tragedy.

They said: “The mum is an amazing woman. Sam came round at about 7am in the morning and the police spoke to him.

“He wanted to get into the house and see his brother but wasn’t allowed. So he went to the hospital with his mum and sister. Everyone is still in shock.”

Sistas And Divas Call On Black people To Give Blood

Many knife stabbing and gun shot victims die mainly due to serious loss of blood.
But many others are saved in part due to timely medical intervention often involving blood transfusion.
The NHS is encouraging more black donors to give blood so that black youths who have been victims of violent crime can receive blood that is more closely matched to their own – most likely from their own ethnicity.
This is why SADE2018 (Mothers Against Guns & Knife Crime) as part of our campaign are asking our supporters to please donate blood.
Register to give blood today.

***4th Sistas & Divas Evening: Sunday 24th June 2018.
Tickets from

List Of Young People Killed In London’s Violent Crime This Year So Far

1 Kyall Parnell, 17, was attacked in front of horrified revellers on his way to a New Year’s Eve party and died in Tulse Hill, south London.

2 Taofeek Lamidi, 20, was repeatedly stabbed during an attack in Memorial Avenue, West Ham, on New Year’s Eve

3 Steve Frank Narvaez-Jara, 20 – stabbed January 1

4 Oluwadamilola Odeyingbo, 18. The teenager died in a south London hospital, hours after being stabbed in Empress Drive in Chislehurst. January 11

5 Harry Uzoka, 25. The model was stabbed to death in Shepherd’s Bush, west London. death.

6 Yaya Mbye, 26. The victim was rushed to hospital after being found with stab wounds at the George Downing Estate on January 28 in Stoke Newington, and died shortly afterwards.

7 Kwabena Nelson, 22. The first of two murders on February 3, Kwabena Nelson, a youth worker from Tottenham, sustained multiple stab wounds in St Mary’s Close in Haringey.

8 Hasan Ozkan, 19. Police believe Mr Ozkan was “singled out” by a group who wished to cause him harm, and died after being stabbed multiple times in Abbey Road, Barking

9 Promise Nkenda, 17. Mr Nkenda became the youngest London murder victim at that point of 2018, when he was stabbed to death in Goldwing Close, Canning Town

10 Lewis Blackman, 19
. The Camden rapper, known to friends as Dotz, was stabbed at an address in Kensington on February 18. Six people have since been charged over his death.

11 Rotimi Oshibanjo, 26 was stabbed in Halliday Square on February 19, Southall. A 39-year-old man has since been charged with his murder.

12 Abdikarim Hassan, 17. Mr Hassan was the first of two young men to be stabbed in the Camden area on February 20, in what police believe may have been linked attacks.

13 Sadiq Aadam Mohamed, 20. Mr Mohamed died at the scene where he was stabbed in Bartholomew Road, Camden, shortly after the murder of Abdikarim Hassan in Kentish Town.

14 Unidentified man, 24. The man was shot in Old Pye Street, Westminster, and was later taken to hospital. He remained in a critical condition for over a month. He died on March 27.

15 Kelva Smith, 20. A 14-year-old boy has since been charged with Mr Smith’s murder, after he was fatally stabbed outside a nursery in Albert Road, South Norwood on March 5.

16  Kelvin Odunuyi, 19. Mr Odunuyi became the first teenager to die from gunshot wounds after he was killed on March 8 outside the Vue Cinema complex in Wood Green.

17 Lyndon Davis, 18. The teenager was assaulted on Padnall Road, Chadwell Heath, on March 14 and was later found suffering from a stab wound on nearby Nash Road. He died at an east London hospital a few hours later.

18 Russell Jordan Jones, 23. Mr Jones was one of two people who were stabbed and shot in an attack in South Street, Enfield on March 17. He died at the scene, but a second victim was taken to hospital and later discharged.

19 Abraham Badru, 26. Mr Badru was the former recipient of a police bravery award after he intervened during a rape, and later testified against the attacker. He was shot near his home at Ferncliff Road, Hackney on March 25.

20 Reece Tshoma was 23 when he was stabbed in the neck in Plumstead on 29 March.

21 Tanesha Melbourne, 17. Named locally as Tanesha Melbourne, the 17-year-old was gunned down in Chalgrove Road, Tottenham, on the evening of April 2.

22 Amaan Shakoor, 16 The 16-year-old became one of the youngest murder victims of the year when he died in hospital with his family by his bedside the day after he was shot in Markhouse Road, Walthamstow on April 2.

23 Isreal Ogunsola, 18. The teenager was stabbed to death in Hackney. Police officers and paramedics tried to save him but he was pronounced dead at the scene

24 Sami Sidhom, 18. Police were called to reports of a stabbing in the Forest Gate area of east London, on April 16. The teenager, who died around 30 minutes later, had been on his way home after watching West Ham United play earlier that evening.

25 Kwasi Anim-Boadu, 20. He was stabbed to death in Finsbury Park, north London, in the early hours of Saturday 21 April following following a reported fight “involving a number of other people”.

26 Rhyhiem Ainsworth Barton, 17. The teenage rapper and aspiring architect was gunned down in Kennington, south London, just after 6pm on May 5

27 Abdulrahman Nassor Juma, 23. Known to his friends as ‘Mani’, he was found injured in Barking, east London, just after 11.30pm on May 17 Despite receiving first aid from officers before paramedics arrived, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

28 Osman Shidane 20. Mr Shidane died in hospital after police were called to reports of a stabbing in Ruislip, west London, shortly after 9pm on Tuesday 15 June.



SADE Holds Second Peace March From Greenwich O2 To Woolwich Gordon Square

The Sistas and Divas held a second peace march on the 26th of May.

The 6.5km march which started at the Greenwich O2, took the protesters led by SADE founder Jummy Ariyo through Charlton and ended at the Gordon Square in Woolwich.

The Second march was to send a message to parents and the community in general to call their representatives (councillors, MPs, and other politicians to task to do more to end knife and other violent crimes involving young people in London.
The group spent about 30 mins at Woolwich where Jummy addressed hundreds of Saturday morning shoppers and urging them to start to take the issue of knife crime in Woolwich and in London a bit more seriously and personally and not simply look the other way because it is not “my child”


According to Jummy,  “the SADE PEACE MARCH was a huge success despite the low turn out that we had hoped for.

But we were still able to engage massively with hoardes of Saturday shoppers from Greenwich to Charlton and Woolwich and gave out 100s of flyers.

The impact of our presence was definitely noticed & felt in these areas and the message we shared will not be forgotten in a hurry.


2 recent stabbings on the Woolwich common Estate happened just yards from Jummy’s home and one of those that occurred close to the Woolwich Arsenal DLR station involved a young boy which is well known to her. Jummy believes the incidents are getting closer and closer to home in that chances are more likely that any victim or perpetrator will be someone you know.
Jummy who is of Nigerian descent also expressed dismay at the number of Nigerian boys recently involved in knife crime across London. This, she believes, makes it more real and more alarming particularly as things like this just “brings it a little more close to home”
More peace marches are being planned for other areas of the borough later on during the summer months

SADE Founder Visits London Assembly Member

Earlier today, following the success of the SADE March during the weekend, I paid a scheduled visit to the Greenwich & Lewisham member of the London assembly, Len Duvall at the Greater London Authority.

It was my first time visiting  the iconic building and I was both excited and anxious at the prospect of meeting such a high profiled personality.

But I needn’t have worried because Len was both warm and welcoming and quite eager to hear what SADE was all about and I dare say he was quite impressed with our campaign what we have done in such a short time of starting including our Safeguarding Workshop at the Woolwich Library and our Peace March as well as out Awareness creation

I did ask about the possibility of a meeting with the Mayor Sadiq Khan with a view of coming on board his Anti Knife campaign. len told me rankly that at this point, getting an audience with the Mayor would be a long stretch at this point, but he did put me in touch with some other very important officials within the Mayor’s Office whose backing can be very essential to our work.


The weather in London today has been atrocious to say the least and I didn’t quite relish the thought of going up to London in such weather. But the feeling of satisfaction I got after my meeting with Len did more than make up for having to endure the wet, windy and freezing conditions.



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