SADE Safeguarding Black Boys In The British Education System Event

The Sistas And Divas are organising a Hosting Events/Workshop titled
It is a free event where stakeholders in child Development and Education can come together to take a closer look at how Black/African boys are treated by teachers, school authorities etc within the British education System  and to offer guidelines for safer and fairer treatment.

Black boys are known to generally get less fairer deals and to be dealt with less favorably by teachers and school authorities. The very same acts that other kids will carry out, a black boy is almost guaranteed to receive a more severe punishment for. I had this experience with my kid even as a little 5 year old schoolboy.

Or every 10 parents of black boys we have spoken to, a staggering 7 had the sane experience with their sons.

Black boys are also more likely to be suspended, expelled from school or prematurely stigmatised as criminals.

They are also more likely to be stopped and searched, or end up as top suspects where there has been an offense or crime, even where there has yet to be an identification.

The aim of this event is to confront stakeholders with these information and hopefully lead them to realise the lasting damage these actions can have on young black boys, many of them already in vulnerable situations and needing more of support and guidance than punishment or isolation



DATE: Thursday 26th April 2018
VENUE: Woolwich Library. Woolwich Centre. Woolwich SE18
TIME: 11am – 1.30pm

To register please call
07946 12561/07930 541611

or email

(Organised By SADE LTD – Mothers Against Gangs & Knife Crime)

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SADE 2018 Opened Up To Include Men

The 2018 edition of the Sistas And Divas Evening is to be opened up to include the menfolk.

This is because the subject of the SADE2018 initiative has a far reaching impact on every one in the community, and parents of both genders need to be involved in the discussions and other efforts in fighting the scourge of gangs, guns and knife crime.

The Sistas And Divas Evening has traditionally been a women only affair addressing issues in a female oriented environment and from female points of view.


The Founder of SADE Baroness Jummy Ariyo said that there has been a major clamouring for men to be allowed to be part of the event in order for the issue which is a universal problem to be dealt with from a universal perspective. She also agrees that this particular problem is one that needs the collective effort of both fathers and mothers.

The decision has been welcomed by many stakeholders in the community.

There has been 53 murders involving guns and knives in London so far this year and many of the victims are teenagers.

*Tickets for the event which is scheduled to take place on Sunday the 24th of June are available from:

SADE Founder Calls For Citywide Prayers To Support Fight Against gangs And Knife Crime

Th founder of the Sistas And Divas and visionier of Mothers Against Gangs And Knife Crime Jummy Ariyo, has sent out a plea to all church and faith organisations to hold special prayer sessions as part of the fight against the current scourge of knife killings in London.

Jummy says the problem is one affecting the entire African and Nigerian community  and every parent must feel the need to be involved in the fight.

Since the start of t he SADE campaign in March, no less than 15 youngsters have been killed in the city by both knife stabbings and shootings.

During the Easter weekend alone, a total of 3 young people were fatally stabbed with 2 shot to death. Another stab victim was seriously wounded and is still in a critical condition in hospital.

Abraham Badru 01

Abraham Badru

Also in March, the son of a Nigerian House of Reps member Hon Dolapo Badru was shot to death in East London. 26 year old Abraham who was honoured by the police as a teenager for preventing a sexual assault on a young woman was shot allegedly by members of the gang to which the would be rapists belonged.



Welcome To the Home of Sistas And Divas

This is a fun and fundraising not for profit company for women touching on issues and matters affecting women, our families and our community

This ladies-only annual event has become known for its socio-philanthropic initiative of raising funds and awareness of  different charitable causes while having fun at doing it.



We at SADE believe in women as the strong, albeit undervalued link that holds the chain of family and the community together.

Women are the backbone of every unit without which nothing can stand for long before completely falling apart.

The family will not exist without women and the hard work they put in to make it work – neither can society or the community.

For generations, women have been kept to the background and out of decision or policy making processes….and those decisions and policies have mostly been unfair and unfavourable towards women – despite the fact that most grassroot level and ground work is carried out by women.

But women of this new age and generation are refusing to be held down and are shaking off the shackles of relegation.  They are taking their place as relevant stakeholders, policy makers and leaders both in their local environment, their communities and their nations.

They are taking stronger interests in issues affecting their kids, especially in the areas of their education, social well being, opportunities and prospects.

And they are demonstrating strong empathy for the plights of the underprivileged or challenged by being advocates in various areas of social, philanthropic and humanitarian endeavours.

And all these on top of their own personal work or business commitments and endeavours.

Today’s woman loves to look good, smell nice, live in a great house and drive a good car.

She loves her job and the feeling of self accomplishment it gives her.

Today’s woman is well educated and self fulfilled.

Today’s woman loves her man, her kids, her home, her family  and the people in it.

Today’s woman has a circle or network of friends she can pray and play with.

Today’s woman cares about her community and her neighbours.

Today’s woman loves God and has a close personal relationship with Him.

Today’s woman is a – A SISTA AND A DIVA